"Aircraft Archive"

5 books featuring "A detailed collection of original scale aircraft drawings".

The purpose of these Aircraft Archive series is to bring together, in a thematic and prganized manner, selections of some of the best of these designs, many of which are hailed as masterpieces of the draughtman's art. Each book covers a number of aircraft of a particular period or type and, although the emphasis is firmly on the drawings and detailed aspects of these drawings, each aircraft section includes information on technical data and numerous black and white photographs.

1) Softcover, 96 pages - "Bombers of World War II"

2) Softcover, 96 pages - Vol 1 "Post-War Jets"

3) Hardcover, 96 pages - Vol 2 "Post-War Jets"  (comes with dust jacket)

4) Softcover, 96 pages - Vol 1 "Fighters Of World War Two"

5) Softcover, 96 pages - Vol 2 "Fighters Of World War Two"

All in good used condition. ($25.00 the lot)




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